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Assessing student learning

      National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment National Survey Report

Links to Other Institutions

Resources for Developing and Using Rubrics


      AAC&U Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) Project Overiew The Association of American   

      Colleges and Universitys has embarked on a major effort to design and develop rubrics for assessing general undergraduate  

      education, relying heavily on the use of electronic portfolios of student work for source material.  A sample rubric appears in

      the Overview.

The use of E-Portfolios


     AAC&U Peer Review; The Benefits of E-Portfolios for Students and Faculty in Their Own Words.

    AAC&U Peer Review; E-Portfolios at 2.0--Surveying the Field.

Assessing Programs

Igert Assessment Presentation - Overview of Assessment and IGERT Program Assessments




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