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Sakai Transition

Anyone who has tried the Sakai web-based course and collaboration system should be aware that OIRT is making some changes over the next month.

Currently there are two versions of Sakai running:
http://sakai.rutgers.edu/ (the old version)
http://sakai2.rutgers.edu/ (the new version)

All new courses and web sites should be created on the new version of Sakai, http://sakai2.rutgers.edu/. Summer Session courses should continue to use the old version.

On August 26-27, OIRT will remove the old version and replace it with the new version, including all courses and web sites that exist on sakai2.rutgers.edu. The courses and web sites that exist on the old version of Sakai will disappear, unless the person responsible for the web site contacts OIRT and indicates that they want their sites moved to the new version.

To request that your sites be moved to the new version, please write to hedrick+sakaimove @ rutgers.edu

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