WebCT and Blackboard evaluations

We are beginning the next phase of evaluating web based course management systems to replace the current version of WebCT.

OIRT has scheduled two workshops to cover WebCT "Vista" and Blackboard. Anyone interested in seeing the latest versions of both of these products should please sign up for the following dates by sending e-mail to oirt@rutgers.edu:

WebCT Vista - 10/27, 9am-noon
Blackboard - 11/1, 1pm-4pm

Session locations will be in a hands-on lab on Busch or College Avenue, the exact room is still to be determined. Both WebCT Vista and Blackboard are significantly easier to use than the older versions of WebCT. If you are using WebCT now, you should be pleasantly surprised by how different both systems are.

Incidentally, the WebCT and Blackboard corporations have announced a plan to merge. Ultimately the two products will become one under the "Blackboard" name, bringing in features from both products. The new, merged product is still several years off.

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