We are preparing to announce a new tool that will enable faculty to "podcast" quickly and easily. It's not quite ready yet. We need a few more days for the finishing touches before we start a limited trial.

For those unfamiliar with the term, "podcasts" are simply audio recordings and as such they are nothing new. However they are distributed in a way that is automatic and effortless — so effortless that they have begun to revolutionize (yet again) the way we communicate. Several universities have begun to podcast courses, and Rutgers is headed in that direction (but that announcement is still a few days away).

While we are getting ready to make our announcement , please join a discussion on Sakai about the benefits and drawbacks of podcasting, issues around intellectual property rights, digital distribution of audio files, digital rights management, and anything else that comes up.

To join the discussion, sign up for the "Podcasting at Rutgers" site. From then on you can go directly to https://sakai.rutgers.edu/, log in, and click the “Podcasting at Rutgers” link in Sakai to participate.

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