Sakai Updated for Fall 2006

Several changes have been made to Sakai in the last few days. Most of these changes are minor, but there are a few new features that instructors may find interesting:

  • Photo Rosters
  • Wiki (collaborative writing tool)
  • Library eReserves
  • NetID lookup, for adding students or other participants
  • Better descriptions of tools, and improved instructions for site setup
  • "Tests and Quizzes" has been updated to a fixed version, but also hidden so we can monitor it's use and correct any new problems. Send e-mail to to have the tool added to a site.
  • For advanced uses, OIRT has developed a tool to link to other web applications. Contact for more information.

OIRT's plan is to stay with the current version of Sakai, making only minor changes for this year. In Spring 2007, the next version of Sakai will be set up for previewing and testing, this will be a major upgrade to Sakai and will replace the current version of Sakai in Summer 2007. This future version should be capable of everything that WebCT can currently do, and there should be an easy means of moving from WebCT to Sakai.

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