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WebCT to Sakai Migration

OIRT has announced that the tool to automatically move content from WebCT to Sakai is ready to use now.

Please contact Joseph Delaney at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching (732) 932-7466 if you want to move your course. At them moment, either CAT or OIRT staff will work with you to ensure that the migration works correctly.

Within a few weeks you will be able to automatically migrate your course material using a web page, without assistance. Of course, assistance is available if you want, and OIRT has hired student staff to do some of the grunt work; just ask if you would like assistance.

See the CAT WebCT page for more information.

The 10¢ Computer

We are often asked why we don't install computers in the classroom podiums. With a computer in the classroom, an instructor could walk into the room with their presentation on a USB flash drive and be ready to go in seconds. Our answer comes down to three words: cost, maintenance, and reliability. Those can be argued, but they are also beside the point.

A large number of people use classroom computers for Powerpoint presentations. But it turns out that you don't actually need a computer for Powerpoint - or to be more precise, you don't need a computer for showing presentations. All you need is a dime and a couple of minutes to prepare.

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