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Due to rewiring work on College Avenue that is expected to last throughout the summer, the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (as well as other buildings on the north end of College Avenue) may periodically lose power or telephones. Our web site will not be available during any power outages.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The results of the Student Instructional Rating Survey (SIRS) that were conducted online are available to faculty and now. Surveys conducted on paper still need to be collated and scanned; those results will be returned later in the summer.

Faculty and instructors should have received an email message earlier this week with the results of their survey and the student comments. If you did not receive an email, please contact us with the course number and your correct email address.

Department administrators will find the full collection of survey results in their Sakai dropbox. Please read the instructions for accessing the dropbox and contact us if you have any questions.

Since these are partial results, only accounting for the online survey, these results are not available to students yet. The full collection of SIRS results including the results of the paper-based surveys will be published to the SIRS Results web page after the paper surveys have been scanned and returned to the faculty.

May 4 - online SIRS ended

The online version of the Student Instructional Rating Survey (SIRS) ended on Monday, May 4 (with a few exceptions for courses not running on the standard scehdule). Students who did not respond by that date can no longer participate in the survey for this semester.

CTAAR will hold the results of the survey until after the university-wide grading period ends. Once grading is complete (after May 18), we will send the summary report and anonymous comments directly to faculty and instructors via email, and send a copy to departments using a Sakai drop box. All distribution of the results for the online survey should be complete before June 1. Results will be posted to the web shortly afterwards, at

Paper SIRS forms are still being collected and collated. Scanning and processing will begin after the end of the semester, and results distributed later this Summer.

More information on the online SIRS process.
More information on the paper SIRS process.

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