Copyright in Education - Lawrence Lessig, Educause Keynote

Lawrence Lessig, a professor of law at Harvard, recently gave the keynote address at the Educause conference. His talk on copyright law and its potentially stifling effect when applied in education, science and culture in the digital age is available online. We highly recommend watching:

Lawrence Lessig, Educause - "It's About Time - Getting Our Values Around Copyright Right"

You may need the Microsoft Silverlight software to view the presentation.

In addition to the content of Professor Lessig's talk, his use of powerpoint slides is an interesting example of how to use a slide presentation to accentuate your talk instead of distracting from it.

During his talk, Professor Lessig mentions the Creative Commons and some efforts to extend this alternative to copyright to the areas of scientific research and educational materials. Here are some of the relevant web sites:

Creative Commons
DiscoverEd Search
Science Commons

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