Reminder - Change in Test Scanning for Fall 2010

The Opscan 6 Scanner will no longer be available for scanning exams after September 1, 2010. The Center is replacing it with a new Apperson BenchMark 3000 Scanner, which is easier to use and maintain.

The Opscan 6 will be available for use for the rest of this term, Spring 2010, and through the Summer Session 2010. The Apperson BenchMark 3000 Scanner is available for use now. For those interested in transitioning to using this new scanner, contact us about Apperson forms.

As of September 1, 2010, the Apperson BenchMark 3000 Scanner will be the only test scanner available at CTAAR.

Those who own forms for the Opscan 6 should use them before we decommission the scanner; the forms will not work in the Apperson BenchMark 3000 Scanner. Forms for the new scanner can be purchased through the Apperson Store

If any school or department is interested in taking ownership of the Opscan 6, we would be happy to make it available to them after September 1, 2010. Please notify Monica Devanas or Maria Brewer at CTAAR using the email address info@please take this out before mailing of this interest before August 15, 2010. As of that date we will make arrangements to remove the Opscan 6 Scanner and return it to Scantron.

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