Oct 5 - "Matlab" training offered by OIT

"Matlab" is a high-end mathematical and statistical processing software, widely used in many disciplines. Faculty and students who are interested in learning more about using Matlab may be want to attend or view the following training offered by the Office of Information Technology

Matlab Training (Oct 5th, RU-iptv's RULive, & VoD)

The following Matlab training sessions will be held in Center Hall on October 5th in the Busch Campus Center. It will also be available via RU-iptv's RULive Channel on October 5th as well as RU-iptv's VoD (Video on Demand). In preparation for live viewing, test RU-iptv by pointing your browser at http://ruiptv.rutgers.edu and verify that multicast is working for you. For more information, contact oirt@rutgers.edu

Morning:  9am - 11:30am

Data Analysis Using MATLAB
 * Accessing data from many sources, including different file formats
 * Visualizing and analyzing data
 * Sharing results: creating reports
 * Building and deploying GUI-based applications
 * Parallel computing

Afternoon 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Using MATLAB for Bioimaging, Bioinformatics, and Systems Biology

Data Acquisition and Import
 * Supported file types
 * Importing data from Excel
 * Filtering Tumor data--Pulling data from databases, building SQL statements

Overview of Bioinformatics & SimBiology
 * Sequence analysis
 * Connectivity to different data sources
 * Microarray and Mass Spectrometry
 * Advanced topics- Graph Theory, Gene Ontology, and Machine Learning
 * Modeling and simulating biochemical pathways
 * Advanced analysis tasks, such as parameter estimation and sensitivity analysis

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