"ScarletApps" now available to all faculty, staff and students

ScarletApps for email, calendars, shared document editing, and more is a new system for all incoming students that will eventually replace "Eden", "Pegasus" and "Clam" email addresses. Beginning now, all current students, faculty and staff may also choose to use ScarletApps. 

ScarletApps is a version of the popular Google tools (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc.). Any instructor who would like to use a Google tool in the classroom should consider using a Rutgers ScarletApps account instead of a personal Google account. You can see a full list of the apps available through ScarletApps here, and other Google services will be added periodically as Google continues to improve the service. There is also some rudimentary integration of Google Docs into Sakai resources.

To use ScarletApps, you need to "activate" your account at https://netid.rutgers.edu/cgi/activate_netid.cgi . This will create a new email address for you, you can simply ignore the new address or choose to forward your existing Rutgers email to the new account (refer to forwarding information on RCI, Andromeda, Crab, Eden, Pegasus, Clam or whatever other system you are using). 

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