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Dec 15 - Surveys end

Thursday is the last day that students can respond to the Student Instructional Rating Surveys for most courses (dates may vary by course, some surveys will continue for a few days more). 

Students can respond to their survey by going to and logging in, then clicking "All Surveys" on the "My Workspace" tab. 

Students who need a receipt should print the "All Surveys" page before midnight Thursday. After the survey ends, the list of surveys will disappear from that page. 
The CTAAR is very pleased to provide you with webinars from Magna Publishers, on the Magna Commons website. There are over one hundred webinars on many topics regarding teaching, learning, and higher education administration.  Each one is an hour or more, covering the topic in great depth.  

Go to this link to log in as member of the Rutgers Community:

At this site will be a link to access Magna to create an account with them.  Once you have created your own Magna account, you will be able to access the Magna Commons webinars, any time and any where.

We hope you find these additional resources on teaching useful!

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