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Faculty and instructors should check their email for their SIRS results. Remember to check your "spam" or "junk mail" folders too.

The email contains an attached "HTML" document, please save the attachment for future reference (CTAAR will not keep a copy of the student comments). While many email programs will display the report without problems, the webmail system on RCI requires you to first save the attachment before viewing. 

During the next week, we will distribute the SIRS Reports to department drop boxes on Sakai. We will send an announcement when all files are available, but the "SIRS Liaison" in each department can check to see if the files are available earlier (please note that Sakai will be unavailable on on May 16 and May 19 due to OIT system updates). 

If any reports are missing or incomplete, please contact our office for assistance. 

SIRS reports (except for student comments) will be published at before the end of the summer. 

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