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Wintersession instructors should check their email for their SIRS results. Please remember to check your "spam" or "junk" folders too. Results were sent by email on Friday, January 25; please contact us if you have not received your SIRS results.

Department Administrators will receive copies of their Winter SIRS results in their SIRS Distribution Dropboxes in Sakai. 
The Rutgers University Library will hold training sessions on the use of the SPSS, SAS, and R statistical analysis software. 

For more information, please see the announcement below:

Ryan Womack, the Data Librarian, will be holding a series of workshops 
covering the following topics: SPSS, SAS and R.

All workshops will be held on Monday afternoons, from 3:30 - 5 pm at the 
Library of Science and Medicine on Busch Campus (in the 1st floor 
conference room).

The dates for each workshop are

Jan. 28 - Introduction to SPSS
Feb. 4 - Introduction to SAS
Feb. 11 - Introduction to R (part 1- Basic Statistics)
Feb. 18 - Introduction to R (part 2 - Graphics)
Feb. 25 - Introduction to R (part 3 - Data Manipulation)
March 4 -Time Series in R

You can bring your laptop, or use one provided by the Libraries. You can 
sign up for all or any one of the workshops. Further details about each 
workshop can be found at: 

You can register online at

OIT has announced that student email services @eden, @pegasus, and @clam will be decommissioned. As of July 1, 2013 students will not be able to create new email addresses on those systems, and as of July 1, 2014 existing email accounts will be shut down. All students on all campuses will use the @scarletmail mail service instead. (Eden, Pegasus and Clam will still be available for other purposes, only email is affected).

Faculty and staff should consider activating a ScarletMail account too. ScarletMail is a Rutgers-branded version of Google Mail, it includes other services such as Google Documents, Google Calendars, video chat ("hangouts"), etc. By creating a ScarletMail account, faculty and staff will be better able to communicate and work with students using these Google tools. RCI, Andromeda, and Crab accounts will continue to work unchanged, so there is no need to change email address when activating a ScarletMail account.

The OIT announcement is below: 

Decommissioning of Student Campus Email Services (Eden, Pegasus, and Clam)  

What is happening?

The Office of Information Technology will complete its transition to ScarletApps (Google Apps for Education at Rutgers) and decommission student campus email services on Eden, Pegasus and Clam as of July 1, 2014. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are encouraged to visithttp://scarletmail.rutgers.edu as soon as possible and establish access to ScarletApps. ScarletApps provides enhanced communication and collaboration tools, such as Gmail, Drive, Google+, Calendar, which can subscribe to the Rutgers Academic Calendar, and many more. In addition, the ScarletApps services remain in place after graduation or retirement and provide a lifelong connection to the Rutgers community.

What needs to be done?

Students currently using campus email services on Eden, Pegasus or Clam should go to http://scarletmail.rutgers.edu to activate their ScarletApps service.

What is not changing?

Other services currently supported by the campus systems will continue to be available after July 1, 2014.  These services include shell access, programming languages/compilers, web site creation, and departmental and student organizational email services.

How do I get help or more information?

Updates will be posted to http://scarletmail.rutgers.edu and to http://rutgersit.rutgers.edu

For help, please email help@scarletmail.rutgers.edu, or contact our Campus Computing Help Desks:

New Brunswick732/445-HELP(4357)http://nbcs.rutgers.edu/helpdesk

Rutgers COHLIT (Center for Online & Hybrid Learning and Instructional Technologies) will hold it's 4th annual conference on Online and Hybrid Learning, Thursday, January 17th on the Douglass Campus (link for conference registration).

CTAAR will present two sessions at the conference. Links to the presentation materials are below:

You may get an "untrusted" or other security warning when visiting Sakai this morning. Nothing is wrong with Sakai, you can safely "accept", "allow" or "add exception" (the language will vary, depending on what web browser you use).

This is caused by a minor issue, and OIRT should fix it relatively quickly. The certificate that Sakai uses to establish secure connections expired over the weekend (this was expected to be addressed in an update to Sakai last week, but technical problems caused a delay). 

Connections to Sakai remain secure; apart from the initial warning nothing has changed on Sakai. 

[Update - as of 12:30 pm this problem has been fixed]
Faculty and instructors should check their email for their SIRS results. Remember to check your "spam" or "junk mail" folders too. The SIRS results were sent by email on January 4th, if you have not received yours, please contact us.

The email contains an attached "HTML" document, please save the attachment for future reference (CTAAR will not keep a copy of the student comments). While many email programs will display the report without problems, the webmail system on RCI requires you to first save the attachment before viewing. 

Department administrators will find copies of the files in the SIRS Distribution Dropboxes https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal/site/sirs-distribution (please note that Sakai may be unavailable for short periods on Friday, January 11).  If any reports are missing or incomplete, please contact our office for assistance. 

SIRS reports (except for student comments and TA surveys) will be published at http://sirs.rutgers.edu before the end of the spring semester. 
We will distribute the results of the Fall 2012 SIRS on Friday, January 4. Faculty and instructors should check their email for the SIRS reports. 

It may take several hours for the email distribution, and sometimes the reports end up in the "spam" folder; please allow for sufficient time and check your spam before contacting us for your results. 

Department administrators will receive copies of the SIRS reports in their Sakai SIRS Distribution dropboxes. We will begin distribution on Friday, but it will take us several days to complete the distribution to all departments, university-wide. We will send email when distribution is 100% complete, but it's worth checking Sakai starting on the 4th as we will continuously upload files. 

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