SPSS, SAS and R Statistics software training

The Rutgers University Library will hold training sessions on the use of the SPSS, SAS, and R statistical analysis software. 

For more information, please see the announcement below:

Ryan Womack, the Data Librarian, will be holding a series of workshops 
covering the following topics: SPSS, SAS and R.

All workshops will be held on Monday afternoons, from 3:30 - 5 pm at the 
Library of Science and Medicine on Busch Campus (in the 1st floor 
conference room).

The dates for each workshop are

Jan. 28 - Introduction to SPSS
Feb. 4 - Introduction to SAS
Feb. 11 - Introduction to R (part 1- Basic Statistics)
Feb. 18 - Introduction to R (part 2 - Graphics)
Feb. 25 - Introduction to R (part 3 - Data Manipulation)
March 4 -Time Series in R

You can bring your laptop, or use one provided by the Libraries. You can 
sign up for all or any one of the workshops. Further details about each 
workshop can be found at: 

You can register online at

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