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We emailed the results of the Spring 2013 SIRS on Tuesday, May 21. Faculty and instructors should check their email for the SIRS reports. 

It may take several hours for the email distribution, and sometimes the reports end up in the "spam" folder; please allow for sufficient time and check your spam before contacting us for your results. 

Department administrators will receive copies of the SIRS reports in their Sakai SIRS Distribution dropboxes. We will begin distribution on Tuesday, but it will take us several days to complete the distribution to all departments, university-wide. We will send email when distribution is 100% complete, but it's worth checking Sakai starting on the 22nd as we continuously upload files. 
Due to Sakai unavailability today (May 20th), we are unable to retrieve the survey data or issue the survey reports. 

Sakai will be offline most of the day while it undergoes planned system maintenance. As soon as Sakai becomes available again, we will begin work on the SIRS reports. You should expect your survey results no later than Tuesday, May 21st.

As part of our ongoing redesign of the SIRS Results web site, we have added charts to show the distribution of student responses to each question. The charts will show automatically if you search for SIRS results by instructor name. If you search by school and subject code, you can click a link to show select charts.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or problems viewing the new charts or accessing the new site, please let us know by writing to please replace "brokenemail" with

If you received a message from us today about your "Summer" course surveys, the message was in fact referring to your Spring course surveys. A small typo in our software caused the program to fill in the wrong semester.

Fr the curious, we used "< 5" to determine if the semester was Spring or Summer ("5" being "May"), it should have been "<= 5" (in order to include May in Spring). 

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