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We have posted the Spring 2013 SIRS results to our newly re-designed site, https://sirs.ctaar.rutgers.edu/. Log in with your Rutgers NetID to view the results.

Department administrators should continue to use our SIRS Department Archive for full access to SIRS data. 

July 17 Workshop Canceled

Due to an unexpected emergency, we have canceled the July 17 "Mail Merge" workshop. 

We will notify anyone who registered for the workshop if we are able to reschedule it in the near future. 
If you used the Rutgers web templates to build your web site, you will need to make some changes to keep your site going. University Relations will be removing some of the older graphics and stylesheets that the templates used. When this happens, your web sites will change appearance  - graphics will disappear and the page layout may change. 

Here's the note from University Relations:


University Relations has recently launched a new Rutgers universitywide website. As a result, if you've developed websites using resources, such as .css or .js files, that were hosted on the University Relations Drupal server, they may not look as you would expect due to changes in our code.

In the future, please download these resources and host them on your server rather than link to them from the UR Drupal server.

Please let me know if you have questions.


Eve Burris



Assistant Director, Web Communication

University Relations | Creative Services

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

If you want to grab a copy of the files that the template needs to continue working, you'll find them at these locations. Save them while you still can!

After you save these files to your own web site, you'll need to edit your web pages to link to your own copy. Using Dreamweaver, edit the ".dwt" template files then update the pages that use the template, or if you don't have .dwt files use Dreamweaver's "Change Link Sitewide..." command to find and replace the old links with your new ones. 

You should also note that some of the graphics use the old Rutgers logo that has been replaced. This is a good opportunity to download and use the new graphics from identity.rutgers.edu since it involves almost exactly the same amount of work (you may also need to tweak the image size in Dreamweaver to fit the new graphics). 

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