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Nov 26 - SIRS have started

For most courses, the Student Instructional Rating Survey began today, November 26th. Students can respond to their surveys by going to the following link in Sakai:

They can also click the "All Surveys" link on the "My Workspace" tab if they are already in Sakai.

The surveys are due by Friday, December 13th, but the dates for individual courses will vary. Students can look up their survey dates on the current surveys page of our web site, and faculty can see the number of students have replied so far. 

Results of the online surveys will be distributed in early January (after the registrar closes the grading period). Paper surveys results will be scanned and returned before summer. 

More information about SIRS in general is available on our web site, and results of previous SIRS can be seen on the SIRS Results web site. 
All faculty and instructors should have received email with the details of their Student Instructional Rating Surveys. If any changes are needed, we must be notified by Friday, November 15. 

If you have not received email about your course, you can check our list of current surveys to see if your survey has been set up, you should contact us to make sure we have your correct email address, and check that our messages are not going into your junk or "spam" folder.

Before November 15, we can change any of the following:
  • Course title
  • Spelling of your first and last name
  • Survey start date
  • Survey end date
  • Inclusion of additional courses sections
  • Removal of unnecessary course sections
  • Email address where you receive results and progress reports
  • Frequency of progress reports (twice a week, once a week, or none)
  • Combining or separating sections into survey groups (crosslistings, lectures, etc). 
To request changes, please reply to the email that you received. The original email has the information we need to find your survey, you only need to indicate what changes you want. 

If you or your department have not specified a preference, your survey will run from November 26th through December 13th. 

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