CTAAR servers are not affected by "Heartbleed"

To the extent that CTAAR web sites are independent of other Rutgers services, CTAAR web sites are not affected by the "heartbleed bug". Using your NetID to log into SIRS Results web site  or any other page on the CTAAR web site would not have exposed you to this security risk.

However, Rutgers operates a large number of interconnected web sites, and OIT is still assessing what other Rutgers sites may have been vulnerable to heartbleed. Please refer to the OIT information about heartbleed, and keep in mind that the information will be updated periodically. You may need to change your NetID password depending on what web sites you have used at Rutgers over the past two years (the good news is that the most common "central services" are safe). 

The "heartbleed bug" is a serious issue that caused many web sites to potentially reveal personal information or passwords. No one is certain about whether any information was stolen because of this bug, but many sites that were affected are recommending that you change your password. For more information, the Mashable.com web site has a good list of popular web sites and whether or not they were affected

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