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All instructors should have received an email on May 19th with their Student Instructional Rating Survey results in an attached file (online version conducted in Sakai only. Surveys conducted in eCollege are distributed separately by DoCS). If you have not received your results email, please check your "spam" folder, then contact us if you still cannot find it. Over the next week, we will provide a copy to department administrators through their Sakai dropboxes.

Instructors who still use the paper survey forms will receive their results later this summer, after we have finished collecting, sorting and scanning the paper survey forms. Paper survey results continue to be returned in paper, via campus mail. 

SIRS results will be posted to the SIRS Results web site for the university community to view after the paper surveys results are finalized, in late summer.
"How do I turn my powerpoint into a video" is usually the first question people ask when preparing course materials for the web. But Microsoft has created a new "plug in" for Powerpoint that turns that question upside down, it puts a video into your powerpoint. In fact, it can put the whole web into your powerpoint. It's worth a look.

Mix requires Powerpoint 2013 on a Windows computer in order to create new presentations, but the end result is visible on the almost all computers and tablets (currently iPads show only a video of the presentation, although this may change in the future). 

With Mix installed into Powerpoint 2013, you create your presentation the way you normally would. Then switch to the "Mix" ribbon and click "Record". Mix will add a video (or audio) recording to your current slide. Or click "Insert" and you can add a fully-functional live view of a web site - the links will continue to work for your students (but this is restricted to "https" web sites, for security reasons). Other web content works as well, such as embedded YouTube videos.  Another click, and you can add simple quizzes or feedback boxes for gathering information from your students. Finally, mix gives you a screenshot and screen capture tool, so you can snap a picture or record your actions on your own computer, to include just about everything else. It's slightly more complicated than adding a picture or chart to a Powerpoint slide, but not by much.

The end result can be viewed as a slideshow in Powerpoint, or as an interactive presentation in any web browser on any computer without Powerpoint. As a fallback, you also get a video of the presentation, similar to what you would get using more traditional tools like Camtasia or Panopto. 

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