Student Email @ eden, pegasus, clam - discontinued on July 1

Student email services have changed, on July 1st OIT will complete the process by discontinuing email services @eden (for New Brunswick students), @pegasus (for Newark students), and @clam (for Camden students).

Students began switching to Scarletmail accounts several years ago, so this change should only affect long-time students who set up their email accounts before the transition began. 

Students who still have eden, pegasus or clam accounts should change their email listing at the NetID "manage email addresses" web site to whatever their preferred email address is (change both the "delivery address" and "official address"). If you would like a Scarletmail account you can use the "manage services" tab on the same site to create a Scarletmail account, however you can also use whatever non-Rutgers email system you prefer.

Everyone sending email to a student should remove the "eden", "pegasus" or "clam" from the student's address, and just send to "" - provided the student has updated their email listing, the message will be directed to the students preferred email address. If the message is returned to you as undeliverable, try using "", and if possible ask the student to update their email address records. 

The eden, pegasus and clam UNIX systems will continue to be available to students for other purposes such as web site hosting. It's just the email portion of those systems that has ended. 

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