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Previously we mentioned Microsoft Mix, a tool that allows you to create video presentations using Powerpoint. Unlike the older methods that turn a powerpoint presentation into a video, Mix inverts the process and lets you include video and other interactive components in a powerpoint presentation. But Mix only works on a Windows computer. If you're using a tablet, Explain Everything is a product that has a similar design.  

Explain Everything starts out as a blank whiteboard. Tool buttons on the left-hand side of your screen allow you to draw or type. You can also place images, sounds, videos, PDF and other documents, and web sites, all at the tap of a button. Naturally, you can add additional pages to your presentation - and if you add a PDF with multiple pages, each page of the PDF will create a new presentation page. Everything you add retains its individuality, so you can quickly and easily move, resize, or rotate the items on the slide.

Pressing the "record" button starts the narration. Everything that you do while recording becomes a part of the presentation. You can continue to edit and annotate your slides while recording. Explain Everything also has a video editor - you tap to show the recording timeline, you can then delete portions, re-record, or insert new recordings. 

Finally, save your file as an video (.mp4 file) or as a PDF file (with no audio), and your presentation is ready for distribution. 

Explain Everything is available for $2.99 on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store

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