"Single Sign-On" now university-wide

Starting Sept 8, when you sign on to any Rutgers web site that uses the Central Authentication System (CAS), you are automatically logged on to almost every other Rutgers web site without needing to retype your password.

For example, if you log in to the SIRS Results web site, then immediately go to Sakai or ScarletMail you'll find you no longer need to enter your password (previously only Sakai and my.rutgers.edu acted as "portals", and this only worked if you started at one of those two sites. Now it's universal).

Please remember to "exit" or "quit" your browser in order to log out. Clicking the "logout" button on most Rutgers web sites now does nothing, since CAS has control of your login. It's possible to log out of CAS, but the only way to be sure that you are completely logged out of all web sites is to exit your web browser. Please note that closing the browser window may not be sufficient - you need to use the "Exit" or "Quit" menu (or the control-q or command-q keyboard shortcut). 

Some Rutgers web sites that use their own password system, including the SIRS Department Archive, continue to work independently. Also, some sites that require extra security for privacy or financial reasons will continue to require passwords at all times even though they use CAS.

Refer to the CAS web page for more information about single sign-on. 

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