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The university has announced that campuses will be closed beginning at 4:00 PM on Monday, January 26 through at least 1:00 PM on Tuesday, January 27, due to blizzard conditions.

Please check the University Status page for the most current information and for details particular to the individual campuses. 

The results of the Fall 2014 SIRS that were conducted online in Sakai were sent by email to faculty and instructors on January 6, 2015. If you taught a course and did not receive your survey results, please check your "spam" mailbox then contact us at info@brokenmail.rutgers.edu please replace brokenmail with ctaar.rutgers.edu if it is not there. 

Copies of all SIRS reports for each department were placed in dropboxes in Sakai for department administrators. If you believe you should receive copies of the SIRS for your department but do not have a dropbox, your department chair should write to us to request a change to the SIRS distribution. Summary statistics are also available to department administrators in the SIRS Archive.

SIRS conducted on paper are currently being scanned and we will return those via campus mail when scanning is completed. 

We will post the results of the Fall 2014 SIRS for students at https://sirs.ctaar.rutgers.edu/ later in the spring, after we have completed the paper SIRS scanning and have full results to post. 

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