April 27 - Network Outage again

Rutgers is again experiencing widespread network problems. Rutgers web sites may periodically be accessible only from on-campus network locations, likewise people connected to the campus network may not be able to reach the outside internet. 

OIT will post updates on the situation to their Facebook page, the Rutgers Status page, and the OIT site:

Faculty and instructors who require the use of Sakai, eCollege, Blackboard, Moodle or other online resources for the completion of coursework should remain aware of the situation and provide alternative methods for students to complete their work, or additional time. 
  • Sakai and Blackboard are located on-campus, and may be inaccessible to off-campus students
  • eCollege and Moodle are located off-campus, and may be inaccessible to on-campus students (unless they use personal cellular data service). 
  • Email will be sporadic, depending on whether it needs to cross the Rutgers/Internet boundary, and may be delayed by several hours. Scarletmail is off-campus (Google), while RCI, Andromeda, and Crab are on-campus.
  • When communicating with students, consider posting information twice - once on an on-campus service like Sakai and Blackboard, and a second time on an off-campus service like eCollege, Moodle, or a 3rd-party service like Dropbox or Google Pages (use caution, and do not post sensitive student information on 3rd-party services without a university-approved contract - but simple communication about due dates and readings should be fine)
  • Use your cell phone data service for off-campus internet connections, and switch to the campus wifi or ethernet connections for within-Rutgers access. 

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