Intermittent Sakai outages in late December, early January

Sakai may not be available from time to time during winter break - there are two causes.

  • External internet problems (possibly caused by another network attack). This results in a temporary and unpredictable inability to connect to Sakai from off-campus  networks, but on-campus users are unaffected. OIRT recommends using the Rutgers VPN to bypass the problem and access Sakai. 
    Using the Rutgers VPN is very similar to using the "RUWireless" network; if you are familiar with using RUWireless you should not have any difficulty using the VPN.
  • Planned Sakai Updates: OIRT often uses the break to do a software update to Sakai. Should this require temporarily disabling access to Sakai, OIRT will put advance notice on the Sakai front page. More likely, you will be able to access Sakai during the update, but you may find that you need to log back in to Sakai unexpectedly.

Please see the RutgersIT announcements for more information about the network attacks .

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