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SIRS Results for Fall 2015 posted

The Fall 2015 results of the Student Instructional Rating Survey are available to students and all members of the university community at https://sirs.ctaar.rutgers.edu/ 

Department administrators should use the "SIRS Archive" instead of the above web site for a more complete record of SIRS results, and can contact us for login information if necessary.

Faculty should have received their own survey results by email in January (if using online surveys), or should contact their department administration to review paper survey results (returned via campus mail to department chairs).

Spring 2016 surveys are now in progress; these results will be posted at the end of the summer.

April 18 - Spring SIRS begins

Students can now respond to their Instructional Rating Surveys by going to https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal/site/sirs . The surveys close on May 5th. 

Individual survey dates may vary, to see the specific dates for any course please refer to the list of current surveys.

Results for online surveys will be sent by email to faculty after commencement. 

The Student Instructional Rating Surveys are now available for editing. Instructors who wish to add their own questions may do so by going to the following link (this is also the same link used by students to respond to the survey), prior to the survey start date:


Instructions on how to add questions are available on our web site. Instructors may choose from a list of existing questions, or write questions of their own. All questions must be added prior to the survey start date (variable by survey, though most will start on April 18). 

The ability to add questions to your survey depends on each instructor's NetID being correctly associated with each survey. We asked academic departments to provide NetIDs for each instructor, however some did not. If we have not associated your NetID with your surveys, you will not be able to add questions but this does not indicate a problem with your survey. You can still see your survey details on our Current Survey list.

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