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We have sent the results of the Spring 2016 SIRS (online surveys only) to faculty and instructors by email. If you have not received your survey results, please check your "spam" or "junk" folder, then contact us if you need us to resend your results. For the Rutgers Business School MBA program, you should expect your survey results on May 25 (due to the slightly different RBS schedule). 

Please note that the SIRS results are in a file attachment to the email. There is no need to visit the SIRS web site; Spring results will not be available on the SIRS Results web site until the end of summer, after paper surveys have been scanned.

Department administrators will receive their copies of the SIRS results through a Sakai dropbox, we are currently working on this and will have it complete within a few days.

Paper surveys are still being collected, sorted and scanned. Results of the paper surveys will be returned to department chairs via campus mail as soon as processing is complete (late summer or early fall).

The last day for students to respond to the Student Instructional Rating Survey is May 5 for most courses. Students can respond to their surveys by visiting the "Survey Dashboard" in Sakai

We will distribute the results of the Spring 2016 online surveys according to the following schedule:

  • Week of May 16, 2016: Results of most online surveys sent to faculty by email
  • September 2016: Results of paper surveys sent to departments by campus mail
  • September 2016: Results of both paper and online surveys posted to the SIRS Results web site 

Canvas replaces eCollege

Instructure "Canvas", one of the newest course management systems and the system that is most prevalent among CIC schools, is available to Rutgers instructors and faculty through COHLIT for Fall 2016 courses. 

"eCollege" (or "Peason Learning Studio"), the previous system used by most online and hybride courses, has been discontinued by Pearson and must be phased out over the next few semesters. Faculty who are currently using eCollege may continue to do so for a while longer, however Canvas is a far easier and more flexible product, and there are many advantages to switching sooner rather later.

COHLIT will work with Pearson and Instructure to move courses from eCollege to Canvas. Please see the COHLIT announcement regarding Canvas for more information and updates. COHLIT has also posted Canvas training dates and materials.

Canvas is available to all faculty and instructors at Rutgers, but only replaces eCollege. Rutgers continues to support Sakai (for all campuses), Blackboard (for Newark and RBS) and Moodle (for RBHS). 

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