Copying course sites from Sakai to Canvas

As noted earlier, COHLIT is replacing the old "eCollege" Pearson Learning System with Canvas, a much-needed improvement. Sakai is unaffected, and continues to be supported by OIT, however some instructors who currently use Sakai may want to switch to Canvas, particularly if they are in a  program that has decided to adopt Canvas for their online courses. 

We have put together some preliminary instructions on how to copy course materials from Sakai to Canvas. Keep in mind that COHLIT is still making changes to Canvas and that some things may change in the next month or two (Sakai too is expected to be updated in August), and that these instructions are based on very limited testing so there may be some variation. We will update the instructions as we gain experience. Currently, to gain access to Canvas you must contact COHLIT directly, and for the Fall semester their focus is to primarily work with specific graduate programs.

In general, moving a course from Sakai to Canvas is not perfect. Depending on the complexity of your course site, it may be better to start from scratch in Canvas, and fine-tune the course materials to take better advantage of Canvas' capabilities. This process should be seen as a "quick and dirty" way to get started; you will want to spend some time afterwards to move, rearrange or change your material before it's ready for students.

Instructions on how to move a Sakai course to Canvas are at the link below:

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