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New email addresses

CTAAR has completed our transition to the new Rutgers Connect mail system hosted by Microsoft Office365, please note our new email addresses:

General Information: ctaar@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with docs.rutgers.edu

Marcie Anszperger: mansz@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with docs.rutgers.edu

Maria Brewer: mariabre@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with docs.rutgers.edu

Joseph Delaney: jpd@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with docs.rutgers.edu

Monica Devanas: devanas@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with docs.rutgers.edu

Gary Gigliotti: gag@brokenmail please replace "brokenmail" with docs.rutgers.edu

Our old "@ctaar" addresses continue to work for the time being, and currently forward to the new accounts. Please update your address books and contact lists with our new addresses. 

The Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research has arranged for access to the "Magna Commons" library of webinars and the Teaching Professor newsletter covering a variety of topics relevant to teaching and higher education administration.

Please log in with your Rutgers NetID using the following link.

Magna Commons (via Sakai login)


You will initially log in to Sakai. You will need to click a second link, and Sakai will transfer you to the Magna web site.

Fall 2016 SIRS Distributed to Faculty

Faculty should have received an email with the results of their Fall 2016 surveys on January 5th, provided their surveys were conducted online. In most cases, the results are included in a file attachment. In addition, SIRS results are available to department administrators through the SIRS Archive, and copies of the faculty reports are in the process of being uploaded to Sakai dropboxes for department adiminstrators (this should be complete by January 20th). 

For courses that were part of the SIRS pilot using evaluationKit (online courses that were conducted in Canvas, courses  in the School of Social Work, School of Management and Labor Relations, and School of Communication and Information), the email contains a link to the web site where faculty can download their SIRS results. SIRS pilot results are not in the usual format, however we will send an addendum that includes the summary data in the old format. 

Paper survey results are not yet available. These will be returned at the end of the Spring semester, after they have been scanned and processed. Results of all surveys (online and paper) will be published for the university community in late Spring at https://sirs.ctaar.rutgers.edu/ 

If you taught a course that had an online survey and did not receive your results, please check your "spam" mailbox and contact us at info@brokenmail.rutgers.edu please replace "brokenmail" with ctaar.rutgers.edu if you are still unable to locate them. 

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