SIRS Pilot in evaluationKit

CTAAR has begun a pilot project using a new survey tool,, for running the Student Instructional Rating Surveys.  In Fall 2016, we ran surveys for the School of Social Work, School of Management and Labor Relations, and School of Communication & Information in the new system, as well as all courses taught through the Canvas course platform. We are planning to expand the pilot to more units for the Spring 2017 semester. 

We have tried to make the pilot as seamless as possible, and in many cases the only difference that students need to know about is the link to the survey location, which may vary by course:

  • Most courses continue to use the "survey dashboard" in Sakai -
  • Academic units participating in the pilot will use evaluationKit -
  • Canvas courses will have a link automatically appear in Canvas, but can also use
  • Some courses continue to use the old paper survey system and have no link
  • eCollege is being phased out, but courses still using that platform can access their surveys directly through eCollege. 
  • All courses are listed on our Current Surveys page, with links to the correct location for each individual course survey.

We will also send email to faculty and students with the correct links to their individual course surveys. 

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