April 1 - New drone technology for survey completion

CTAAR is pleased to announce the latest development in onilne student instructional rating surveys: the Drone Response System. 

It is well known that the student participation rate for online surveys is slightly lower, on average, than for the old paper-based survey system. Students often forget to complete the online surveys. With the new drone program, faculty no longer need to rely on forgetful or procastinating students! 

Here's how it works: CTAAR will send out automonymous flying drones to the classrooms of faculty who choose to participate in the program, at the time and date of the faculty's choosing. The number of drones sent will equal the enrollment in the course. When they arrive in the classroom, the drones will connect to the RUWireless-Secure network, establish a connection to the online survey system, and respond on behalf of the students using pre-calculated predictive hueristics to approximate the actual student response. Faculty will get near-perfect response rates, and the students won't need to do anything at all. 

For faculty who use the paper surveys, faculty should pass out the paper survey forms in class. When the drones arrive, they will use laser-focused cameras to zoom in on the bubble sheets, extend grappling claws to pick up pencils, and fill in the bubble marks for the students. Faculty should designate one drone to collect the completed surveys and return them to CTAAR. Please note that CTAAR will not supply #2 pencils, so faculty should ensure that the classroom has enough #2 pencils for the drones to complete the forms.

Please note that the drones are not yet capable of submitting substantive open-ended comments and are limited to simple comments such as "great class!", "best teacher ever", and "nothing". Faculty who want more detailed open-ended comments may opt out of the drone program, but should understand that their response rates may drop as a result.

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