Faculty may now add questions to SIRS

The Student Instructional Rating Surveys are available to faculty now, for those who wish to add additional questions. Questions must be added prior to the survey start date, April 17 for most courses.

For surveys conducted through Sakai (most courses):

  • Access your surveys through the Sakai Survey Dashboard - https://sakai.rutgers.edu/portal/site/sirs
  • Follow the instructions for adding questions to surveys in Sakai - https://ctaar.rutgers.edu/sirs/addQuestions.html
  • Note that some departments have not given us instructor NetIDs, these instructors will not be able to add questions. 

For surveys in the SIRS evaluationKit Pilot (SMLR, SSW, SC&I, and SBC, plus Canvas courses):

  • Access your surveys through the evaluationKit Dashboard (or through Canvas) - https://sirs.ctaar.rutgers.edu/pilot 
  • Follow the instructions of adding questions to surveys in evaluationKit - https://ctaar.rutgers.edu/sirs/addQuestions-evalkit
  • In addition to adding questons, instructors may change their survey dates directly in evaluationKit. 

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