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Sakai is working normally, however some people may be seeing a "Not Found" error message when trying to access Sakai. The quick solution is to use a slight variation of the usual link:


The problem only occurs when you leave off the "/portal" in the link above, and is an unexpected side-effect of the server migration over the weekend. OIT is aware of the problem and is working on a permanent fix. 

"QR Codes" for use with SIRS

We have created two QR Codes which make it easy for students to quickly go to the survey using their mobile phones. Instructors who conduct the SIRS in class can project these codes, then students use their mobile phone camera to scan the code which will open the link to the SIRS.

Since we are currently using two survey tools, please be sure to use the correct QR code for your course. We will include the correct code in the email that we send you, or you can look up your course on the list of current surveys.

For surveys that are conducted in Sakai (most courses):

For surveys that are conducted in evaluationKit (through Canvas, or one of the school in the EvaluationKit pilot - SSW, SC&I, SMLR, Bloustein, Law, and Business-Camden)

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