Dept of Anthropology Speaker Series on public education

The New Brunswick Department of Anthropology is sponsoring a series of talks that will explore the role of linguistic difference in shaping education at Rutgers and in the United States. Each talk includes a workshop led by Anthropology faculty and graduate students.

To register and get the details of the locations, contact please replace brakenmail with

  • Sept 28: Bernard Perley, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    • 4:00 pm Lecture: Remediating New World Amnesia: The Return of Indigenous Ancestral Voices
    • 1:30 pm Workshop on linguistic blindness to indigenous linguascapes at Rutgers
    • Facilitators: Karelle Hall and Becky Schulthies
  • Oct 19: Mara Green, Barnard College, Assistant Professor of Anthropology
    • 4:00 pm Lecture: Horizons of Language: Deaf Communicative Practices in Nepal
    • 1:30 pm Workshop on standardness ideologies and linguistic diversity in the classroom
    • Facilitators: Nan Hu and Kathleen Riley
  • Dec 7: Sonia Das, New York University, Associate Professor of Anthropology
    • 4:00 pm Lecture: Heritage Language or Racial Slur? The Politics of Speaking Tamil in Québec
    • 1:30 pm Workshop on heritage language in the classroom
    • Facilitators: Reecha Das and Becky Schulthies
  • Feb 8: Amy Paugh, James Madison University, Professor of Anthropology
    • 4:00 pm Lecture: Language Gap or Resource? A Language Socialization Approach to Linguistic Diversity
    • 1:30 pm Workshop on language impoverishment ideologies in the classroom
    • Facilitators: Marian Thorpe and Kathleen Riley
  • Feb 22: Nelson Flores, University of Pennsylvania, Associate Professor of Educational Linguistics
    • 4:00pm Lecture: Becoming the System: A Raciolinguistic Genealogy of Bilingual Education
    • 1:30 pm Workshop on critical race educational pedagogies in the U.S.
    • Facilitators: Marlaina Martin and Christien Tompkins
  • April 12: Bonnie Urcuioli, Hamilton College, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
    • 4:00 pm Lecture: Linguistic difference: hiding in plain sight
    • 1:30 pm Workshop on diversity talk in the classroom
    • Facilitators: Gabrielle Cabrera and Ariana Mangual Figueroa

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