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Faculty and instructors should have received an email message on Monday, May 20th with the results of their Spring Student Instructional Rating Surveys (for surveys that were conducted online only). Please check your email, with the following exceptions and conditions in mind:

  • If your survey ran in the new "Blue" system, you can find the results in Blue at 
  • If your survey ran in Sakai, your results will be in a file attached to your email message.
    • Remember to check your "Spam" or "Junk" folders. SIRS results may be incorrectly labeled as junk based on specific student comments; this is highly unpredictable. 
    • "Rutgers Connect" inbox may have an "other" tab that hides messages, please check the "other" tab for your SIRS results.
    • You may receive a separate email for each course, which your email software may treat as a "conversation". You may need to click to exand the conversation to see all of your survey results. 
  • Paper surveys will be scanned during the summer and returned by paper mail in the beginning of the Fall semester

If you cannot find the SIRS results for your courses, please write to us at please replace "brokenemail" with and we will resend your results. 

Please save your SIRS results for future reference.

Department Administrators will also receive copies of the SIRS reports through a Sakai dropbox or the Blue web site. 

5-9 SoTL Round Table

 Join the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research (CTAAR) on May 9th for the next Rutgers "SOTL Round Table" to discuss the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL). We invite participants to bring their teaching and learning research project ideas. We will workshop these projects together and discuss the process of applying for IRB approval. Lunch will be provided. 


Location: College Ave Student Center, Room 109

Time: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

The Student Instructional Rating Surveys (SIRS) are now in progress. For most courses, surveys started on April 25th and are due by May 9th, however dates vary by academic unit and individual course.

Surveys are located on two systems during our transition from Sakai to Blue. Students may need to check both links:

The Sakai link above will show all the surveys from both systems together, so is the better link for most students to use during the Spring 2019 transition. Some courses continue to use paper surveys which faculty will hand out in class. Detailed information about when and where a survey runs for any individual course is posted on our current surveys web page, , and students will also receive email reminders with the correct links for their courses. 

For courses that are taught through Canvas, students may complete the survey via links or reminder messages within Canvas. The above links will also work, and may be used to complete the surveys if students experience any problems within Canvas.

Results of the online surveys will be distributed during the week of May 20th, and results of the paper surveys will be returned to departments in September. 

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