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Faculty who wish to add questions or change their survey dates may now go into the SIRS to make those changes at the following link: 

  • To add questions, click the "Personalized questions" link (questions must be added before the survey start date)
  • To change survey dates, click the "Questionnaire Settings" link 
  • Detailed instructions for adding questions or changing dates are available on our web site

Please note that the dates seen in the "tasks" are deadlines for the instructors, and do not indicate the dates that the survey will be sent to the students. To see the student start and due dates for your surveys, use the "Response Rate Dashboard". 

Also note that the exact date when faculty can change their surveys may vary, and is initially set to be 12 days prior to the survey being sent to the students.

If there is any error in the survey setup (for example, missing or extra courses), please write to CTAAR at please replace brokenmail with 

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