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CTAAR will be hosting a new workshop, "Updating your Teaching Portfolio for Emergency Remote Teaching" on April 29th from 10-11 am. 

As you consider your teaching philosophy and components of your teaching portfolio, you may want to update your materials to reflect the accommodations that were necessary for the move to Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT). You can add a section to your teaching portfolio to include ideas in these areas:

  • What goals do you have for your students' learning in your ERT courses?
  • How are you assessing your students' learning in your ERT courses?
  • What unique challenges/opportunities did the shift to ERT create for you?
  • Were you able to teach students with diverse identities and backgrounds?
  • How are you assessing the effectiveness of your teaching?
  • What went well?

Please RSVP to receive materials and the WebEx connection details:  https://ctaar.rutgers.edu/workshops/register/index.php?ws=1034

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chris at chris.drue@rutgers.edu.

Last week, several instructors requested workshops on how to create an exam in the Learning Management System that they use. Our colleagues at TLT and ATS have graciously arranged the following workshops and resources:


Exams & Quizzes Workshop (Provided by Dena Novak at TLT) - Tuesday, April 21 at 11:30am (Register Here)

Technical support for Canvas: help@canvas.rutgers.edu


Tests & Quizzes Workshop (Provided by Dena Novak at TLT) - Wednesday, April 22 at 1pm (Register Here)

Technical support for Sakai: sakai@rutgers.edu


Prerecorded Exams & Quizzes (Provided by Joy McDonald at ATS) (Login Here) -- if you are unable to access this website, please contact Joy McDonald at joymcd@rutgers.edu

Technical support for Blackboard: atshelp@newark.rutgers.edu

Or, make an appointment with an ATS Staff Member (Here)

Writing Exam Questions

Please note that these workshops are being offered in addition to the CTAAR upcoming workshop "Writing Exam Questions that measure Student Learning (April 22 at 3pm). We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities!

CTAAR Flyer Banner - Spring 2020.png

Based on the feedback from our "Options for Remote Exams" workshop, CTAAR is offering a presentation on how to write exam questions that measure student learning on Wednesday, Apr 22, 2020 3:00-4:00 pm. We will cover what makes good multiple choice questions, how to develop essay questions, and how to write rubrics to evaluate open ended questions. The workshop will provide special focus on challenges associated with the remote learning environment, such as developing questions appropriate for an "open book" environment.

 We are also planning workshops on how to create exams in your individual learning management systems -- stay tuned for information on how to attend these future workshops.

Please RSVP here to receive the WebEx Connection details: https://ctaar.rutgers.edu/workshops/register/index.php?ws=1033

** While this session is over, you can obtain a copy of the video by emailing ctaar@docs.rutgers.edu **

The Fall 2019 SIRS results are now available for viewing by students and the university community on the SIRS Results web site. A Rutgers NetID login is required to view the survey results.

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