Upcoming Pedagogy Workshops in June and July

Pedagogy before Technology: Designing Courses for Online Environments - June 8 and July 14, 2020

Faculty can feel overwhelmed when exploring the technology options to help present content to students in online courses. Moving a course online is an opportunity to rethink the pedagogical principles and learning goals that form the core of the course. A useful approach to structure this "rethinking" is backward design.

In this workshop, CTAAR reviews the principles of backward design beginning with learning goals for online teaching, and prompts attendees to align learning goals to assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests that are appropriate for remote learning. The workshop explores the different reasons for choosing asynchronous sessions and synchronous class sessions and concludes by reviewing the technology that is available to support these options while engaging students. 

For the workshop scheduled Monday June 8 at 10:00am interested faculty and staff may RSVP using the following link: https://ctaar.rutgers.edu/workshops/register/index.php?ws=1043 

For the workshop scheduled Tuesday July 14 at 10:00am interested faculty and staff may RSVP using the following link: https://ctaar.rutgers.edu/workshops/register/index.php?ws=1042


Engaging Students in Online Courses - June 11 and July 8, 2020

Engaging students in the learning environment is one of the biggest challenges faced by instructors, especially when teaching remotely or online. From our surveys, we know that both faculty and students desire the engagement they are familiar with through face-to-face teaching. Faculty have mentioned the limitations of online classes and their frustrations because they cannot gauge student learning via body language, alertness, and facial expressions. These problems are magnified when faculty must teach to large classes. Students appreciate the spontaneity of synchronous classes but value asynchronous recorded content so that they can review the material

In this workshop, we review the literature on the effectiveness of engaging students online, and explore best practices for building engagement opportunities into synchronous sessions asynchronous sessions. We provide training on how to use some of our favorite tools including PlayPosit, VoiceThread, and breakout rooms.

Engaging Students in Asynchronous Classes: This workshop is scheduled for Thursday June 11 at 10:00am. Interested faculty and staff may RSVP using the following link: https://ctaar.rutgers.edu/workshops/register/index.php?ws=1044 

Engaging Students in Synchronous Sessions: This workshop is scheduled for Wednesday July 8 at 3:00pm. Interested faculty and staff may RSVP using the following link: https://ctaar.rutgers.edu/workshops/register/index.php?ws=1041


Teaching Models for Fall 2020: Understanding Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Hy-Flex Class Structures - June 25, 2020

This summer, schools and departments are grappling with deciding what parts of their courses they will do synchronously and asynchronously. These decisions are the basis for the models and pedagogical advice that we share with our faculty. With the uncertainty that comes with the pandemic, many universities are considering a new model called the "hybrid flex" model in which faculty design a course that can be simultaneously held in-person or taken remotely depending on weekly changes in health or university status.

This workshop explores the different models that we can adopt now to best adopt our course offerings to the evolving conditions in fall of 2020 and beyond. We address how faculty might develop a syllabus and other advance materials to handle evolving circumstances.

This workshop is scheduled for Thursday June 25 at 1:00pm. Interested faculty and staff may RSVP using the following link: https://ctaar.rutgers.edu/workshops/register/index.php?ws=1040


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