BluePulse ready for Fall semester use

CTAAR is piloting the use of BluePulse. This is a new tool that allows instructors to ask quick questions of the students in their courses. Student's can reply anonymously, and can maintain anonymity while engaging in an ongoing dialog. BluePulse is well-suited to "one minute papers", checking in on the well-being of students, or getting quick feedback about the a particular lesson or topic. 

Fall rosters are now loaded into BluePulse and the system is ready for instructors to begin using it. Simply log in at and click "Add a Question", then give your students the same link so that they can respond. If you are teaching a course that does not appear as an option when adding a question, please contact us at please replace brokenmail with and we will ensure that you are correctly listed as the instructor. 

See our web site for more information about how to use BluePulse and details about limitations during the pilot phase.  

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