Classroom Inclusivity Series for 2022-23 Academic Year Launching August 1st

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We are excited to announce that the second year of the "Classroom Inclusivity Series" is beginning on August 1, 2022 and will run through the Spring 2023 term. The program is a collaboration between various units across Rutgers University, organized and facilitated by the Office of Teaching Evaluation & Assessment Research (formerly CTAAR) and the University Equity and Inclusion Office. The purpose of the program is to promote Inclusive Scholarship and Teaching (as identified by the Rutgers University Diversity Priorities), and in particular, to support a more well-rounded understanding of Classroom Inclusivity.

Throughout the 22-23 academic year, Rutgers University faculty, instructors, teaching assistants, post-docs and staff are invited to attend workshops provided by different units across the university. Workshops or training sessions included within the series will address the following competencies:

Competency 1: Understand and begin to address your and your students' identities, biases, prejudices, and fears and the impact they have on learning and the classroom environment.

Competency 2: Infuse inclusive teaching practices into your educational practices by course re-design or adopting new teaching activities.

Competency 3: Ensure course content, web pages, activities, and assessments are accessible to all students.

To learn more about the program and register for sessions, please visit the Classroom Inclusivity Series Website. We are excited that the program is now an approved badging program. 

Participants who attend three sessions (one from each competency), attend a Competency 1 discussion session, and submit a reflection will have the opportunity to earn a Badge for Lifelong Learning in Inclusive & Equitable Teaching. We hope this level 1 badge will be a useful piece of evidence for your teaching portfolio or professional portfolio to demonstrate your commitment to inclusive teaching. 

Those who have already completed the level 1 badge may earn a Level 2 Badge for Implementation of Inclusive Teaching by making instructional changes and developing a website sharing the process and results. More information about both badges can be found on our Canvas site.  


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