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Impact of Identities, Biases and Fears on the Learning of International Students

Thursday, November 2, 12 - 1:30 pm

Building awareness around our own identities, biases, and fears as educators and those of our international students is a critical component in creating more equitable and accessible classroom interaction. This workshop delves into the science of learning through a practical and reflective discussion of the impact of culture, beliefs, and mindset in the educational process of multi-lingual learners.

Undergraduate international students will be featured in pre-recorded testimonials sharing their experiences navigating learning spaces, interactions, and expectations at Rutgers and in prior academic settings. A panel of faculty leaders will discuss key points made by the students while exploring relevant pedagogical strategies and tools that respond to the course work, writing, and in-class engagement of learners from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

By learning about and remaining cognizant of the differences among our community members, we can be better and more inclusive educators. Collaboration between OTEAR and Rutgers Global-International Academic Success Office. Addresses Competency 1 in the Classroom Inclusivity Series.

If you would like to attend the workshop, please register.

Congratulations to the first 82 earners of the Lifelong Learning in Inclusive & Equitable Teaching Digital Badge! To learn how to attend workshops on inclusive teaching and submit self-reflection statements to earn your own badge, view the Classroom Inclusivity Series website:

Beginning July 1, the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research will be renamed the Office of Teaching Evaluation and Assessment Research, and will report to the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. We continue to offer the same services to support teaching, pedagogy, student surveys and  staff workshops.    

In the coming weeks we will update our web site to reflect the new name, and our email address will change to reflect the new designation. In the meantime our current email addresses continue to work (and we will redirect all email to the new addresses once the details are finalized).

July 6 - Welcome Back!

CTAAR staff have returned to the office as of July 6. While we continue to work remotely as well, we will rotate time in the office to ensure our availability. 

You may call our office at (848) 932-7466 during regular business hours, and someone will be available to assist you. If you wish to contact a specific person, email may still be the best option since each person will rotate different days in the office. 

Rutgers Teaching and Learning With Technology (TLT) is actively working to ensure learning continuity as we face this evolving COVID-19 situation, and has made several resources available:

Additionally, CTAAR provides access to the extensive Magna Publications library of teaching resources, which include several newsletter articles and videos on subjects relevant to online teaching. Please refer to the information about how to access the Magna resources

Please note: As of 3/11/20, all remaining TAP: Teaching with Technology workshops will be canceled for the rest of the Spring, 2020 semester. 

gear brain.png

CTAAR is hosting two "Improving Education with the Science of Learning" workshops during the Fall 2019 semester. 

One reality unites educators across disciplines as diverse as Dance, Medicine, English and Engineering: the point of instruction is to ensure that students learn from our expertise. Fortunately, current neuroscience research on learning has established a common foundation that transcends content and setting.

Part 1 mines current research to explore how educators can design memorable learning experiences, how we can enhance student learning through practice, how we can make learning stick, how we can be aware of the myths about learning, and how we can create moments of metacognition to enhance understanding. We discuss the implications for education within various contexts and disciplines across Rutgers University. Note: This presentation was given previously in Spring 2019.

October 2, 2019 / 2:00pm-4:00pm

College Avenue Student Center, Room 109

Please Register (

Part 2 follows up by delving deeper into the science of learning to focus on the impact of culture, beliefs, motivations, and mindset to learning. We will also explore the capacity and limitations of memory.

November 21, 2019 / 2:00pm-4:00pm

Livingston Student Center, Room 202ABC

Please Register (

The Middle States reaccreditation process for Rutgers University is in progress, and will culminate in an on-site evaluation from March 19 - 22, 2018. To prepare for the reaccreditation, all members of the university should take some time to familiarize themselves with the reaccreditation process, and with the Rutgers self-study:

Questions and comments should be directed to the steering committee, please remove "badaddress" and just use

OIT will perform critical updates to the electrical system in the Hill Center, which houses most of the university's web servers, on January 27. The exact timing of the work has not been announced yet. Many Rutgers web sites will be offline during the work.

Sakai will be offline. Canvas may also be unavailable at times, however since it is hosted off-campus it may be possible to log in to Canvas by going directly to the login link - (depending on whether Rutgers CAS login is available or not). 

Rutgers Connect email will be available through the direct Microsoft link - - and does not rely on any on-campus services. 

More information will be posted on the OIT news site

Several web sites are currently offline, including the front page for the Canvas course platform. Canvas however is still accessible, provided you use the link directly to the login page:

OIT and DoCS are aware of the problem and are working to restore normal access. 

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