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Downloading Department SIRS Reports

For courses where the Student Instructional Rating Survey was done online, we are distributing the summary statistics and comments through Sakai. The instructions below for downloading the files apply only to the surveys that were conducted using the new online system. Results for surveys conducted on paper will be sent via campus mail later in the year.

Please download and save the files to a department computer. We will delete the files from Sakai by the end of the semester in preparation for the next survey period.

Instructors receive their individual reports by email. The complete collection of files is available only to the authorized contact person for the department. It is the responsibility of that person to distribute the files as needed within the department. If you need to change or appoint someone for your department or need other corrections, please contact OTEAR at 932-7466 or at please replace "brokenaddress" with

To download the SIRS files:

  1. Log in to Sakai at (this link will open in a new window or tab). If you see a "Site Unavailable" message, please call us at (848) 932-7466.
  2. Click the link with your name to see the files and folders in your dropbox. If necessary, click the folder for the correct semester.
  3. In the list of files should be a ".zip" file that contains all of your department's reports. Click the zip file to download it, then locate the downloaded file and double-click it to see all the reports.
  4. Save the "zip" file to a location on your computer, department server, or external storage (CD, flash drive, etc) for future reference. As per the recommendations of the university senate, departments are required to keep copies of these reports for a minimum of 10 years.


Additional information is available about the online SIRS process as well as the Student Instructional Rating Survey in general.




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