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CLA Registration

Students who complete the Spring 2012 assessment will receive a $20 Knight Express card. You must be a sophomore in your 4th semester at Rutgers to participate during the Spring semester.

Note: All of the testing sessions are filled. You may still sign up for a spot on the waiting list. If space becomes available or if we add more testing sessions, we will contact you.

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The CLA will be given during 7th period in the Loree Bldg PC/MAC Lab on the Cook/Douglass Campus, the Records Hall Lab, the ARC lab on Busch, and the Tillet Lab on Livingston.

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About the CLA

Under a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the University is administering the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) to First-Year students in Fall 2010, and when possible to many of the same students when they are sophomores in Spring of 2012. We are proceeding jointly with William Paterson University and Middlesex County College, which are also administering the CLA or the CCLA to their students, and are partners with us in the Carnegie grant.

The CLA is a method for assessing how well the university is achieving its educational goals for its students. It is not a multiple-choice exam.

The assessment has two parts, and during any particular testing session, students will be asked to do one or both of these. The total testing time will not exceed 90 minutes, and may be half that.

One part is a performance task. Students are asked to complete a project, such as writing a letter or a short essay or report, on a particular topic. The other part is a analytical writing task. Students are asked to write out an analysis of a particular problem or situation that is provided in the assessment.

All data, information, and material needed for the creation of a clear analytic statement of a problem and its solution are provided by the assessment itself. The assessment is conducted on a computer in a lab.
The assessment covers critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem solving, and written communication and lasts 90 minutes. Students will receive their own scores from the CLA, but the university will only receive anonymous score reports.

More information about the CLA test including sample questions is available in their CLA web site.

The results of the assessment for this sample of students will then be compared to both SAT scores and the results from students taking the CLA again in Spring 2012, many of which we would like to be the the same students (we will provide an additional "Knight Express" incentive to students who participate again). That way, students will obtain a direct measure of the progress of their learning through their work in the CLA. Scores for first-year students will also be compared to graduating seniors, giving some indication of the “value added” from a Rutgers education.

Participation is currently limited to graduating seniors for the Spring 2011 round of testing.

More information about the CLA program is available on the Council for Aid to Education web site.



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