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Midcourse Survey Setup

This page is no longer actively supported.

This midcourse survey tool has been in place since 1998 and will soon be discontinued. While it continues to work (as of Fall 2022) more modern and improved options are available:


Faculty interested in an informal, anonymous survey of their students prior to the end-of-the-semester Student Instructional Rating can choose to have their students fill out an on-line rating form. Results of the survey are sent directly to the instructor. The Office of Teaching Evaluation and Assessment Research does not keep or analyze the results.

A sample form is available for viewing (questions cannot be changed, if you would like to add your own questions we suggest using ScarletApps "Forms" instead of this tool). Results can be delivered as an e-mail message, an html document (a web page sent for private viewing), or a text file suitable for use in a spreadsheet or database program.

To create a midcourse survey, please fill out the following form and click "Submit".


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