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Lecture Capture and Podcasting at Rutgers

Note: This page is a temporary place holder for until the full site is ready. We will continue to post up-to-date information here and link to the completed site when possible (last updated, October 2015).

For a general legal guide to podcasting that covers your rights and responsibilities regarding privacy, copyright, and intellectual property rights see the Creative Commons Legal Guide to Podcasting.

iTunes U | Podcasting in Newark | Sakai Podcasting Tool | Other Software

Please join a unversity-wide discussion on issues surrounding podcasting:

  1. First, sign up by going to the Podcasting at Rutgers sign-up page and logging in with your NetID
  2. After signing up, you can go directly to, log in, and click on the "Podcasting at Rutgers" tab at the top of the web page to participate.

The discussion site also includes resources and information on how to podcast.

iTunes U

Note: Recently Apple has changed the iTunes U service. The following links may not work until Rutgers re-establishes the Rutgers iTunes U site.

iTunes U is a free service provided by Apple Inc. that allows the creation of course sites optimized for the iPad.

Rutgers on iTunes U listing (requires iTunes)
Rutgers on iTunes U Information page
Apple iTunes U Product Information
iTunes U App
iTunes U Login Page
Information for Instructors and Administrators
Request a site on iTunes U by emailing please replace "brokenemail" with

Rutgers has an agreement with Apple Computer to use the iTunes Music Store to distribute both public and course-restricted audio and video material. For more documentation, visit the Apple iTunes U support site (registration required).

Podcasting from Newark Classrooms

The Office of Academic Technology has installed equipment in Ackerson 123 and CLJ 392 to record lectures which can then be made available to your students as a podcast.  We are presently researching portable recorders and expect to have at least one available for the next semester.  If you are interested in trying out podcasting or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Joy McDonald by email at joymcdno more spam! or by phone at 973-353-5953.

Sakai Podcasting Tool

Sakai <> has a podcasting tool that can be added to any course or project site. The tool allows you to upload audio or video files, it will generate the "podcast feed" (RSS link) that students or others can use in iTunes or other software to automatically download the files. To add the podcasting tool to your Sakai site, click "Site Info" then "Edit Tools" (you must add both the Podcasting and Resources tools).

Departmental Solutions

Some units within the university have invested in systems such as "Panopto Lecture Capture". Contact the technical support staff within your own unit to see if these are available to you.

Software for Download or Purchase

Other software is available, for a fee, that provides easy creation of podcasts by capturing a powerpoint presentation. You may want to consider the following programs:


iTunes U | Podcasting in Newark | Sakai Podcasting Tool | Other Software



































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