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Test Scanning Overview

Note: The Datalink test scanner will no longer be available for use in the OTEAR office after August 31, 2015

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The OTEAR no longer offers test scanning facilities. 

We previously used the Datalink 3000 scanner made by Apperson Education (previously known as the "Benchmark 3000"), and our web page with basic instructions for operating the Datalink 3000 scanner is still available.

Purchase Scannable forms:

You must plan to use forms that are compatible with the Datalink 3000 scanner.  We ask that each department purchase a sufficient supply of forms for their own use. We recommend one of the following:

  1. For up to 100 questions (answers ranging from "A" to "E"), use Form #29240 (see pdf of this form).
  2. For up to 150 questions, or for tests that have multiple versions, use Form #20420 (see pdf of this form). This form allows you to use up to 4 answer keys in a single scanning session.


Pencil ONLY and not pen are required for the scanner.

Your department will need to purchase the forms from Apperson Education (500 sheets per package, approx $33.00) — see the Datalink compatible forms catalog for current prices - . In RIAS, Apperson Education is supplier number 275253.

Note that "Scantron"-branded test forms are specific to scanners manufactured by the Scantron corporation and are not compatible with the Datalink scanner.

Prepare Your Answer Key

Create an answer key by filling in one of the answer sheets with the correct answers since that will be read by the software to use in grading, and fill in the "K" bubble at the top of the form (on the answer key only).  If you use multiple versions of the test you will either need to use form #20420 and ask the students to bubble in the "test version" (this allows you to scan the entire class as one group), or separate the student test sheets into their respective versions and scan each version of the test separately. With either method, you must create an answer key for each version of the test.

Please refer to the Datalink test scanning instructions for more information about scanning tests.


Note: the old "Pearson General Answer sheet" (Form #4521) will not work with the Datalink 3000 scanner. Do not use these forms, if you use the old forms you will need to manually grade the exams.



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