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BluePulse Pilot

Available through May, 2021

Rutgers is piloting a classroom communication tool, BluePulse, beginning in Summer 2020 through Spring 2021. BluePulse allows instructors to collect anonymous feedback from students, and engage in two-way communication with those students while maintaining the student anonymity. BluePulse can be used for formative feedback, midcourse surveys, quick post-lecture check-ins, or a substitute for clicker systems.

To use BluePulse, please go to

Please keep in mind that during this pilot phase:

Quick Start for BluePulse

  1. Log in to BluePulse at
  2. Click “Add a Question” (in the right-hand column)
    BluePulse home page
  3. Choose your question type and enter the text (note that “Commitment” questions cannot be anonymous )
    BluePulse question
  4. Click the “Send to…” search box, and choose your class.
  5. All the other settings are optional!
  6. Click “Preview and Send”
  7. Click “Publish”
  8. BluePulse will send email to your students, but the system works best if you communicate directly with them to ask them to complete the survey.
  9. Click “View Results” beneath your question to see the student responses. For “live” synchronous use, click the “Results” link again to include the latest student responses.
    refresh the results

More information is available on the BluePulse Help page, and we will post additional information on our web site in the future.



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