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Rutgers WebCT Transition


WebCT was discontinued on August 7, 2007. Faculty and instructors may use either Sakai or eCompanion as a replacement.

Moving from WebCT to Sakai

Since Sakai is fundamentally different from WebCT you will need to take some time to revise your course site after the migration. This will take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on how much material you transfer from WebCT. For most people the following should take well under an hour:

Moving from WebCT to eCompanion

Why Discontinue WebCT?

The university had no choice. The WebCT corporation announced that they would discontinue development and support of "WebCT Campus Edition 4.1"; this is the version in use at Rutgers.

Their new product, "WebCT Vista," is not a simple replacement for WebCT 4.1, so moving to Vista would have been as much of a change as a move to any other competing product. Furthermore, WebCT merged with Blackboard Inc, in 2006 and announced that within two years they would have another new product that would itself succeed Vista and Blackboard's own system. Choosing either Vista or Blackboard at this point would likely have resulted in needing to move to a second new product within a few years. The 2006 budget cuts affected the decision as well.


















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