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SIRS Access Levels for Department Administrators

We post the SIRS results in several formats for various reasons, this can make understanding how to access SIRS somewhat complicated. Additionally, some department administrators need access to the SIRS setup information. Each level of access will generate additional email reminders at various stages of the survey process.

When requesting access to SIRS, please use this guide to determine the best level of access for your own needs. You can request that we add or remove any of these levels to your access.

SIRS Access Levels
Name & Location Purpose Email Messages*
SIRS Data Preparation ("DIG")
Allows administrators to review the survey setup for all courses in the department, before the surveys are sent to faculty or students. Optionally assign or reassign instructors, change survey dates, initiate midcourse surveys, and choose from predefined additional (departmental) survey questions. 3
Survey Editing
Gives administrators the ability to make last minute changes to individual surveys, including changing the survey date or adding individualized questions. This is the same level of access that instructors have for their own courses. 3
Survey Monitoring
Allows administrators to monitor the response rate of the surveys. This is automatically included with the "Survey Editing" level. 2
Survey Reports, Current Term
Access to the full survey results for the most recent semester, immediately after the grading period ends, including open-ended student comments. 1
SIRS Departmental Archive
Results to the statistical portion of the SIRS results (no open-ended comments) for all semesters and all instructors, from 1995 to the most current term. Access is restricted to department administrators. None
General SIRS Results
Open to the entire Rutgers community, no special permissions needed. Includes statistical results (no open-ended student comments) from Fall and Spring semesters only, for the most recent 5 years. Does not include winter or summer sessions, and does not include results for Teaching Assistants or other student instructors. None


*Email messages are sent on a schedule determined by the survey start date. If a department chooses to stagger surveys across multiple start dates, that will multiply the number of email messages (each separate start date will cause the entire sequence of emails to be sent again, separately). Consolidating the survey start dates will help reduce the total number of email messages.


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